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Thanks for looking at my gallery. I like to experiment with different styles so feel free to explore.




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Vaudesir- Revamp by gigglemeister
Vaudesir- Revamp
I'm gonna start working on getting this dude into :iconpeachs-lost-guys:

I've given him a bit of a redesign and have worked a lot on his story, and so I've actually deleted all the other images I've already posted of him. I intend to redraw the one that was a joke with Vaudesir, Lady Alraune and Prince Vita because I still think it's funny, but I just don't care enough about the others to redraw those. There were only three images so it's not like anyone's really gonna miss them.

Anyway, here's a reference picture and a bio to get started on. Also, because part of Vaudesir's new story includes him kidnapping anyone of political value, I'm open to allowing people who want a kidnapping as part of their OCs backstory to use him (with permission) if they want something a little more original than "Kidnapped by Bowser"

I think I'm getting the hang of this new chibi style I've got. I'm gonna keep it.


Name:Lord Vaudesir *last name pending*

Age: twenty-eight

Species: Human

Personality: On the surface Vaudesir seems like a difficult man to get along with, however once someone figures out that most of the insulting things that Vaudesir says are actually intended as humor, it becomes much easier to befriend him. Professionally, he tries to keep a cool head, especially when it comes to political matters, but when in a heated debate Vaudesir can be quick to anger.

Abilities: Vaudesir does not possess any uncommon abilities.

Skills: Vaudesir is a skilled political speaker, possesses a decent hand at swordsmanship, and is a gifted composer.

Physical Appearance: Vaudesir is around 6’4” with dark-brown curled hair that he keeps in a low ponytail  that hangs over his left shoulder. He has thick, black eyebrows and a large forehead. His eyes are bright brown. He has a very handsome face, it’s only ‘blemish’ is the large blotch on the left side which is much lighter than the rest of his skin. Vaudesir is very particular about his appearance and keeps himself well-groomed, with a very neatly trimmed van dyke inspired beard and carefully combed hair.

Background: Vaudesir is the second son of a wealthy wine merchant, originally intended to pick up his father’s trade alongside his older brother Muscadet and his sister Syrah, Vaudesir was discovered to have a talent for composing at an early age and was sent to an academy for music study. Although he excelled at composing, while at the academy Vaudesir also discovered a deep passion for political debate at the age of sixteen and changed his major.
     After his years at school, Vaudesir moved to a small country inhabited mostly by Shy Guys donning black robes. Exercising the skills he learned at the academy, Vaudesir quickly rose to be a highly respected lord among them, eventually setting the goal to have this small country recognized as an official kingdom that would operate on exports of opals and other precious stones. As a leader, Vaudesir is respected mostly from a distance due to his unsavory personality, but does have quite a few zealous supporters for his campaign. Vaudesir also keeps a list of more under-the-table allies that include some shady dealings with pirates and other dirty politicians.
    Recently Vaudesir has adopted the habit of donning a disguise which he uses to kidnap valuable political hostages to hold for ransom. Through all of this, Vaudesir barely keeps in touch with his family, but has gained some popularity in his composing. Fans of his music often comment that Vaudesir would be better off sticking to his composing instead of getting involved in political affairs.

*side note: Vaudesir’s country will probably not gain official recognition as a kingdom during his lifetime.
Paper Hound by gigglemeister
Paper Hound
Here's a picture that I could have had done 20,000 years ago except for the fact that I'm a lazy ass. I started drawing this Paper version of Hound months ago but only just now decided to actually finish it, mostly 'cause I forgot about it multiple times. Can't exactly say that I'm super proud of how it came out, but at least it's finally done. Paper style is weird...

This is the most Mario-OC looking picture of Hound I've ever drawn.
Under the Shade by gigglemeister
Under the Shade
A few weeks ago I asked Pallypie permission to draw this handsome dude and now I've finally finished.

I really like King Hazel's design, so I tried my best to do him some justice.
Hound Age Progression-Flat Color by gigglemeister
Hound Age Progression-Flat Color
Please ignore my terrible anatomy/posing/proportions this is a new style for me

Inspired by my sister, I decided to design an older version of Hound, which then became me drawing an age progression. Now ya'll can see how very viking inspired Hound's design is. This images also is my attempt to avoid a few of my personal pet peeves about age progression on character like how much I hate it when a character apparently goes through their entire life with the exact same hair cut.

Hound's species (Berserker) is colorblind to cool colors, so every version is wearing warm colors.

The younger Hound is probably in his early twenties by human standard. This is before his left eye was torn out in prison, so YAY two eyes! Hound has a scar on the bridge of his nose that's been there for most of his life, probably cause by a fight in his early training days. He doesn't remember most of his past, but based on what few memories he has, Hound knows that he was a scout for his troop. Orange was his troops color, and later when he becomes the Piper's spy, Hound is immediately drawn to Prince Rowan partially because the boy wore orange, which Hound recognized as the color his comrades wore. This is a very basic outfit for Hound, a casually suit for when he's not on duty.

Although present Hound looks around forty, it is actually more likely that he is in his sixties due to the different way that berserkers age. By now he has lost his left eye and gain many more scars all over his body. The large scar on his neck is from when someone in the prison tried to slit his throat, but didn't do it properly. Hound barely survived this attack. When he returns to work for the Piper, he is given new clothes that the Piper designed for him.

The older Hound is about ten years older than he is currently. He's wandered the world with Prince Rowan and gotten back in touch with his cultural roots, although he still does not have an active memory of his past. Not that he really cares, all that matters to Hound now is the present and the future.
Any other takers for the OC feature? I've still got room enough for six people's characters.

let's have some features!

Journal Entry: Fri Jan 16, 2015, 7:21 PM

Got this from :iconwickedqueenv:
1. For the first 7  10 people who comment on this journal, I will feature one of their characters I like the most and comment my choice. (I will go to your gallery and pick one character and one picture I like, you don't need to tell me which one)
2. If you comment, please do the same in your journal, and put me in the first feature slot. The idea of this is not to get a free feature, it is to spread art around for everyone! I feature you after you made the journal.

Purple Square Bullet 1. :iconwickedqueenv: .SMB.REF. The Viscountess of Beignette by WickedQueenV

This is probably an incredibly obvious choice, but I really love Chiffon's design. I'm normally not a fan of so much pink on a character, but this design really works. The colors of Chiffon's dress are beautifully balanced, not only with each other, but also with her skin tone and eyes, even her hair! There just is nothing about this character's design that I don't love.

Red Square Bullet 2. :iconevanescence412: Chalice by Evanescence412

Chalice continues to be a favorite of mine. I remember when Kylie first started posting pictures of her on DA and have had a lot of fun watching as this character has changed. Pictured above is not the most recent incarnation of Chalice, but it is my favorite. I feel like this is the version of Chalice I know the best, Kylie told me a lot about her story and the relationships she had with others.

Purple Square Bullet 3. :iconicecreammouth:  Ravenskull Unmasked by Icecreammouth

This is a deviant that I don't watch, so I actually don't know anything about the ocs in the gallery. This one caught my eye though. ""The stubborn one among the undead daughters. Always busies herself studying witchcraft and alchemy. Easily enraged, especially when someone disturbs her studies and experiments. Fights with magic instead of weapons, unlike the rest of her sisters." Ravenskull sure sounds interesting!

Red Square Bullet 4. :icongrapplemace: You Can't See Me by GrappleMace

Probably another incredibly obvious choice, but Vita is definitely one of my favorite of Mace's ocs, probably because I know him the best. Mace and I have rped together as Vita and my oc Vaudesir, and I came to know a lot about Vita that I don't think I would have otherwise lol. I think my favorite thing about him is that he is more than meets the eye. On the surface, Vita is very much a regular Prince Charming type character who longs to find true love and live happily ever after. However, after getting to know him you'll discover that he's also quite hot-headed and stubborn. I think he'd make a great main character in something.P.S. Mace, are we still up for rping that kidnapping thing?

Purple Square Bullet 5. :iconsada-pazaki: Dissonance by Sada-Pazaki

I shamefully don't know much about Sada-Pazaki's ocs so I dug through the gallery and found this one. I admit, I might be a bit biased because 'Dissonance' is one of my favorite words~  The deviation doesn't really say anything about her, but I like the design. I think she's an MLP oc, I don't watch the show, but I'd be interested in seeing more of Dissonance.
Red Square Bullet 6. :iconawesomebyaccident: Tie~! Always With You by AwesomebyAccidentPurity by AwesomebyAccident

This was a really tough choice because my sister has a lot of great ocs and I know more about all of them than anyone else on DA does. It's actually a tie between Narcissa and Lillian because they're both honestly my favorites in design and story. Narcissa's design has actually been updated since this image was posted, but it remains a favorite of mine anyway because of all the neat symbolism in the picture, and also because it's one of very few pictures that features the dream sword. Lillian gets a spotlight because of how much I lover her story. Zae and I have talked a lot about adapting Lillian, as well and the Piper and Hound into characters for an original story.

Purple Square Bullet 7. :iconanimegang: Princess Daffodil: New Ref and Bio by AnimeGang

I only recently started watching Annie so most of what I know about her characters I learned from my sister. Daffodil is one that Zae often spoke highly of, so when I went to Annie's gallery, one of my first priorities was to take a closer look at this cutie :) I'm actually not a huge fan of yellow as a color, but the green trim on Daffodil's dress helps to balance it out and brings the design together really nicely. She's also got such a great personality. Mark me up as a Daffodil fan.

Red Square Bullet 8.
Purple Square Bullet 9.
Red Square Bullet10.


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United States
Did I mention I have an identical sis? :iconawesomebyaccident:
My older sis is on here too :iconleukanthes:

Look at these icons Khaos89 made for me gigglemeister1 by Khaos89 gigglemeister2 by Khaos89 gigglemeister bday1 by Khaos89

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